Why you feel alone where you live

Loneliness is not a feeling of isolation, it’s a feeling of rejection — nobody out there likes me.

Your local community

The Truth: We feel utterly alone, surrounded by fantastic people we have lots in common with. And 9 out of 10 of these people feel just as lonely as we do.

When did it go so wrong? When did Neighbourhoods fail?

So where are we now?

  • Access to medical care? We have the medical infrastructure
  • Our safety? Publically managed. We are now the dominant predator on our planet
  • Responsibility for maintaining and retaining our knowledge? The internet is our village elder
  • Growing food and stockpiling? We’ve created entire supply chains that mean that we want for nothing. 60-minutes to your door.

Welcome to the world where we no longer need to talk to another human being to survive.

Admitting that we don’t need each other, and bringing some fun

Our neighbourhoods fail because we’ve designed beyond their original use case

Connection comes from frequency, getting to know someone reveals the things you have in common. Points of affinity build trust. We have to spend time together to change our situation.



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