Reviewing your company’s organisational design

Organisational design (engineering inclusive) for startups is one that has no definitive answer, but companies usually share in one of three main architectures and all of them can scale:

The last one is a little hard to manage as its sometimes at odds with the customers but all three are proven to be as functional as the other. Startups normally flip between 1&2 until someone spends too much on a consultancy that one time and the mgmt refuse to change it again

When it comes to engineering org structure and process design it’s really a question of the types of engineers you have in your co and the amount of vulnerability people can express to make a collective change, at pace:

There is no right or wrong here and most places blur this so it’s more a people/culture point, one thing I’ve found in EVERY company (friend/client/my own) is that engineers are singly the most underutilized knowledge-centre; in this, there are specific things you can do to include their collective experience in building the product



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