Part 3: What’s next for local communities?

Cities: built with community in mind

In recent years, experts have become increasingly aware of the positive effects of certain types of buildings and the layout of cities has on our emotional, economic and social health.

Where are we looking to replan our communities?

In Britain, we have a problem. As Part One stated, neighbourhood communities in the UK have been in decline for the last few decades. Architects, builders and planners have been looking for help elsewhere. Tokyo, for example, employs a unique town planning practice, which supports local people to develop their own local identities. They encourage citizens to install nature everywhere.

The People: Collaborating and sharing

A society based on sharing?

Technology: New knowledge

In the past three decades, technology has connected us globally. Social networks Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have broken down barriers our barriers of communication. Previously, thirty years ago, to talk to someone required ringing their house phone, now we have a variety of different options as to how to chat with someone. We can tweet them, skype them, we can play games with them through an app.

The Future

This article has highlighted some exciting trends in modern communities. We are moving towards a community-oriented society. We can see this in the growth of the sharing economy, the renewal of communal living and some new technological innovations.



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