Clubhouse will replace day-time TV

What is Clubhouse

Culture before Growth

Sadly this gentle place was left behind once referrals kicked in. Initially, giving away your invite was treated like offering someone a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, each person was a conscious choice for the one person you knew who could add to the conversation. And, this is where the magic ends, as Clubhouse then made a big mistake. Rather than doubling down on a certain behavioural segment or niche community, they allowed anyone to join and so bulldozed through the fragile early adopter's stage of network building.

Potential end games for Clubhouse-type networks

Audio social networks remove the barriers for ‘presentation’ that video-based products require. They also lower the bar for the command of a language written networks demand. Talking is the easiest and most primary form of communication for humans, beyond touch it’s the earliest way we learn to express how we feel. Audio networks are going to be huge!



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