99% of companies today have lost their way to validate that customers want what they’re currently building. This series will put your process through its paces as well as teaching new tricks along the way.

Part 1 is dedicated to making sure what you want to learn isn’t going to…

If what you share fits in the category of an For Your Information (FYI) then it should be conveyed at 2x speed.

How do I share information twice as fast? Record it and share your updates via links that support faster transmission. Youtube gives you this for free; set your videos to unlisted for a private solution which as a phone-friendly way share video&audio updates

I want to index what I share. Otter.ai allow not only 2x playback but also has built-in transcription; you can paste voice notes into other apps like Slack with a full text.


James Routledge

Digital and product thinking

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